JUDEA Enterprises is a sole proprietorship business entity that started on February 8, 2006. The company initially engaged in the importation of refrigerated food processing machines and trading with small to medium food business entrepreneurs all over the Philippines.

In 2009, Judea Food Manufacturing was established to manufacture soft ice cream powder and coffee vending premix powder in addition to the selling of food processing machines. To demonstrate the company’s adherence to quality and safety, Judea Soft Ice Cream Premix powder and Judea Coffee Premix powder are manufactured with FDA approval and Halal certification. These products are both distributed by the company not only in the Philippines, but also in Southeast and North Asia as well as in some countries in Africa.

Judea has become a one stop shop for cold and hot food business entrepreneurs all over the company. The company supplies them not only machines and consumable supplies such as ice cream cones and toppings, but also with business critical requirements such as staff training, repairs and maintenance, and availability of spare parts. The business has consistently grown through the years primarily because of its core value of putting customer interests first before revenues.

Judea derived its name from a place in southern part of Israel where during the ancient times the Greatest “manufacturer” and “healer” of life have lived and walked. He “manufactured” the lives of many to be not only permanently healed from physical infirmities, but more importantly “healed” from spiritual decline to life eternal.

Today, Judea Enterprises has become a corporation under the name and ownership of CCJD Camarao Ventures, Inc.